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Game Night (instcon16)

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Gamers gotta game. Players gotta play. We’re talking world domination, saving the planet from viral outbreaks, solving puzzles crafted by spirits of the dead, and fighting demons in mythical worlds along side your friends.


Bring your friends or make new ones. Bring your favorite board game, or play one of ours. We'll meet from 8pm-11pm (or later if we can get a game of Werewolf going). Have some fun, stay up late and roll the die. Odds are you’ll have a good time.




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Dale! A man who knows the best card card game of all time! I grew up in Ohio and Euchre was the only game we played. Every party, every trip, everywhere!


I brought a batch myself (and thanks to driving had a little room):

Strategy: Castles of Mad King Ludwig, Palaces of Cararra

Party: Codenames, Resistance, Linko, Coup

Yeah I know, couldn't help myself.

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Community Coach

I'd love to see some large group "quick" games like Uno, but I totally forgot my cards. :smileyangry:

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I brought Uno (regular deck) and Martian Dice.

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IMG_6915.JPGHello happy campers! I hope everyones day is off to a kumbayawesome start, and that you're ready for an EPIC finish, with Game Night 2016!

We just had a new addition to the fam a few wks ago so my better judgement told me to not leave my wife to take care of 3 young rascals + a newborn, all by her lonesome! I'm so sad to miss out on all the instcon​ fun this year... especially the 2nd annual #gamenight! Last year's GAME NIGHT (instcon15) was off the charts!

BUT... I was excited to hear and msl_adm's suggestion to have another game night! If I had more time before instcon this year, my plan was to organize a "Virtual Game Night" to run alongside the live Keystone game night! This way Canvas Community members who could not attend the conference (like me this year and last year) could still connect with their Canvas Gamer Comrades and join in the fun!

I also wanted to leave it open so people could connect on Wed and Thu night as well, for more games! So you folks @keystone can meet up somewhere and/or virtually connect with the rest of us, online. Heck, we can even meet up after instcon!  Last year I enjoyed a few games of Carcassonne, Lost Cities, and Ticket to Ride after instcon with several folks I met at Game Night. #kumbayawesomesauce

So I reserved a Game Night Virtual Lounge where we all can connect and find others to play games with! Feel free to jump in the room at any time!  (pswd: keystone)

↳ Join in from your computer/phone any time after 7pm on Tue, Wed, AND Thu. I'll be there!

↳ Feel free to invite others!

Chatstep makes it easy for us to also create other rooms, on the fly, like if several people want to play a game and chat at the same time (instead of the main lounge) we could easily create a room for it!

I've also created a spreadsheet (thx for the idea that we can continue to use after instcon, to stay connected for games, games, and more games! Game Night - Gamers Unite!

Here's a few of the games I have on iOS... If you have them too, or don't mind skipping your coffee tomorrow and buying a cheap game instead, then let's play!

  • Carcassonne
  • Ticket to Ride
  • TTR (Europe)
  • Lost Cities
  • Agricola
  • Tsuro
  • San Juan
  • Puerto Rico
  • Lords of Waterdeep
  • Stone Age
  • Tikal
  • Scotland Yard
  • Coup
  • Pandemic
  • Catan

And here's a more comprehensive list of games available on the iOS app store: iPad Boardgames | 162 Boardgames on iOS

Are you in?!

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Thanks for the great idea Jordan! I added my info to the Google Sheet. Looking forward to expanding Game Night's InstructureCon legacy!

Learner II

Learning Happy Salmon!

Learner II

Having fun playing Happy Salmon and Jenga!

Learner II

Game Night seems to be quite the hike from everywhere else.

Learner II​ can't log in and is sad her points and badge might be in jeopardy! The community won't regonize her I'd.. My post with her proxy should count Smiley Wink