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InstructureCon 2016 Post-Conference Feedback

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tl;dr: This is an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2016! Please post before reading the comments from others. Then feel free to reply to others!

Once again we were stunned by another kumbayawesome InstructureCon! Fortunately the great sessions, ideas, and connections we made, can live on within our Canvas Community and in the InstructureCon 2016 community space! Remember that you can keep the conversation alive, around each breakout session, by adding comments! This is a great way to connect with the presenters and share thoughts/ideas with other participants.

Please be sure to take that survey that our marketing team sends out, so we can make instcon even better next year. That quantitative feedback is invaluable.

In addition we wanted to have an open discussion where you all can publicly share your qualitative thoughts and feedback about InstructureCon 2016!

Here's some things you might want to talk about: the sessions, the keynotes, the activities, the online schedule, the app, the booths, the venue, opportunities to connect, ideas for the Community Team to improve community interaction and engagement.

Thanks for your help Canvas Community...  We ❤️ you!

Onward and upward!

PS... Don't forget to add all those kumbayawesome photos you took, to the Camp Canvas Photo Gallery...

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In your responses please @mention other community friends or use the "Share" tool to encourage others to offer their feedback as well!

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Community Advocate

Sure does!   At least 2x's per summer.  But it's the humidity level that really knocks us down.   We are surrounded by water on 3 sides, and when it could take as little as 30 minutes to drive from east to west Coast-to-Bay, it's a real kicker.

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Thoroughly enjoyed my time at the conference. While this venue was larger than Park City, there was still a space challenge. Many sessions had sitting/standing room only and in others, people were being asked to leave. My suggestion is that for the sessions you already know will be popular either because of interest the previous year or because it is a hot feature (i.e. mobile changes, Office 365 integration, etc...) you offer the session twice. Once in the morning and again in the afternoon. It would also be helpful to have some of them in the keynote room. Conference participants pay a lot of money to come and learn what's new and being kicked out of sessions or not being able to get in at all leaves a bad taste.

Did not mind walking. Shuttles were available for those who absolutely refused to walk.

Loved the backpacks, lunchboxes and cups. If held in Keystone again next year, seems like umbrellas would be appropriate giveaways...they would actually be good no matter what! And while on the subject of rain, please have alternatives planned for outdoor events. Eating in the rain two nights in a row was not fun. And definitely not enough seating for outdoor eating either.


Pros: (1) excellent keynote addresses, all of them!

(2) The participants! I met and talked to many inspired and inspirational attendees.

(3) The sessions. As usual, a great mix of Instructure sessions as well as those given by attendees.

(4) The location was very beautiful, and it was so cool that the entire resort was Camp Canvas.

(5) The activities available looked awesome, although I never had any time for riding the Gondola up the mountain,

or kayaking/paddle-boarding on the lake.

(6) The meals were mainly fun with a reasonable selection of food.

(7) The SWAG was awesome as usual.

(8) There was an unconference!

Cons: (1) The location was hard to get to (2 hour shuttle from the nearest airport).

(2) Single rooms sold out way too early. It was a paperwork nightmare getting two different departments at our institution to split

the cost of one shared room.

(3) I was one of the altitude-sickness sufferers, so missed the unconference.

(4) I got shut out of two of the big presentations I really wanted to go to when the room filled up and no one else was allowed in.

I should think with a little planning, talks that look like they'll fill up could be simulcast in other rooms (like the keynotes were).

(5) Presenters should have a way to add an extended abstract to their session page ahead of time. It was hard to tell from the fifty-word descriptions what the real topic was, and thus I attended some sessions I would not have (and missed others at the same time).

(6) There weren't enough Admin track sessions.

(7) The app was pretty good, but sometimes I couldn't get WIFI and then wouldn't know where I was going next! After the first

occurrence of that, I just made sure to have it written down.


Love the longer session abstract idea. I, too, ended up in sessions that weren't what I though they would be based on the description. Didn't want to appear rude, so I stayed. Also afraid that moving to another room would mean sitting on the floor or, even worse, not being allowed in at all.

In addition, it is frustrating to sit through a session only to find out that what they are talking about isn't available to anyone outside of their organization. That happened with one of the UCF presentations. People were excited about the product but when asked, they admitted it wasn't available to anyone outside of UCF and they weren't sure if it ever would be. WHAT?! Why am I listening to that then?I want something I can bring back and use.


I temporarily had mobility issues last year (wheelchair, then walker) and what Melissa suggested is key: get some people with various mobility issues to try out your venue. I was amazed at the difficulties I had at my own office while my mobility was impaired.


Also want to add that I like that Instructurecon is not the average stuffy professional conference in a big city. I know that some have complained about it but I think it is a good balance between both. Also loved the swag but agree with some who have said it should have been accessible closer to the conference area....kind of like it was last year near the dining area where everyone had to go anyway.


Great idea about the oxygen bars! I would have used this as well. Arriving Monday night was not enough for me; I would have to spend the weekend in Denver like Stefanie in order to handle the elevation.


I actually printed a paper schedule before I got to Keystone because I figured with the app, there would be no paper schedule this year and was afraid of spotty wifi. So glad I did that!

Also, for whatever reason, my app (Android) didn't display a full list of all available sessions... I even compared it to someone else's (iOS) version and theirs I just gave up on the app after that.


I definitely want to join the chorus for adding another day! I think there is plenty of content to justify a third full day.


Agreed, I've presented two years and both years I was tweaking my presentation based on conversations and feedback up until the day before (or sometimes even that day!).