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Community Coach

Missing out on InstructureCon

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Similar to Deactivated user​, I'm missing out on InstructureCon for baby reasons! Granted my little bundle of Jones joy hasn't arrived yet, but you can probably tell from the picture that the little one could come at any time! I've been trying to following along the best I can by watching the Keynote live feeds, following the Twitter feed, looking at the amazing pictures (is it really that beautiful??), and reading all the awesome blog posts! Thank you to everyone for helping me to feel a little bit better about missing out on the BEST CONFERENCE OF THE YEAR... Smiley Wink!! Looking forward to watching video of the presentations and catching up with everyone next year!



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They started trickling in earlier this week.

Community Coach
Community Coach‌ beautiful pic! Shame about the conference. What sort of baby did you get?

Brought back lovely memories seeing you like that. Makes you even more human too.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I got a #canvasbaby‌ of course! 😉

Check out the pictures on this post -‌ - to see some updated pictures. 

And I'm glad it helped make me seem more real! We really are as much as we can be in the Community! For example, I've "known" stefaniesanders‌ from being online in the Help Forums since 2012-2013, but met her in real life for the first time in June! I can verify she's just as amazing, helpful, and personable f2f as she is online! 🙂

Community Coach
Community Coach

Congrats on the very cute canvasbaby

Busy days, but it looks like your family are all behind you.