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Nebula: A New Design for Canvas Discussion Boards

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William Parod Jr

Northwestern Information Technology, Northwestern University - HigherEd

By presenting Canvas Discussions as personalized network graphs in which students directly interact with the evolving structure, Nebula offers an innovative way to view and participate in Discussions. Hear about the Nebula LTI App and the tangible learning outcomes of this exciting visual discussion board experience.

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In case you weren't in yesterday's Data Discussion About Discussions Data​ CanvasLive event, we have a public release of our current Learning Analytics LTI Apps, including Nebula. Our slide deck from yesterday's event is here​, fyi​. It includes these URLs:

Learning App Descriptions and NU Installs:  Learning Apps

Learning App Software Distribution: northwesternitartsdg — Bitbucket

NU Digital Learning Articles: Innovations at Northwestern | Digital Learning

The Bibucket team site includes Nebula and other apps described in  Learning Apps.





We have been wanting to try Nebula out for awhile and we finally got some time. But, I think we are missing a step. We setup a server, created a developer key and are able to install the app. Then nothing happens.Under the Placements it says "No Placements Enabled". Any ideas or suggestions to look for what step we are missing? I have tried installing it both inside a course and account levels with no luck. I am also not sure if we need a Consumer key for the Add app box, the image just has a "-" I tried N/A  & various other things too. Our secret is the creation from setup 2.b.c#2