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API Calls Made Simple- Curtis Rose

With a simple-to-use Google Sheet, with only one plugin, anyone can make basic API calls without the need of assistance from a programmer or IT department. This easy-to-use form allows for customized reports that can be updated live as needed.

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Hi William, 

You will need to implement pagination. Basically, you will store the value from each next x results and run the api again to get the next X and so on untill there is no "next" page to go. After that, you can merge all the objects in a single one and converts the json to any desired variable.

I tried to use Per_page with a higher value and did not worked untill i implemented the pagination on my lti (not these googlesheet one). 

Hi Alexandre,

Many thanks for your quick response. After seeing your post, I did some querying and it looks like pagination will require some programming skills. I'll pass this project off to our developers with the information you provided. I was hoping to relieve them of some busy work by handling some of the less complex reporting tasks. Oh, well. 🙂

Thanks again,


Hi Alexandre,

Well, this was a major breakthrough for me. I opened the URL part of the formula in Firefox and was able to find the link headers under the Headers tab. This gave me the argument I needed to cycle through the pages of data in Google Sheets. Thanks again for pointing me to pagination.

Finding the link headers in Firefox


Glad it worked o/