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Community Advocate

Escape the Room: Canvas Carnival

This will be a true escape the room experience housed within a Canvas course.  What happens if you don't escape in time?  No big deal!  You will have access to the course after the session and can escape whenever you want.

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The course for this session will be housed within  If you do not have an account for this instance of Canvas, you can save time by creating an account before this session. (Make sure to remember your password!)

What will you experience when you attend?

  • An interactive course where you can explore some features in Canvas and participate to learn a little bit about the Canvas Community at the same time.
  • Modules with required items and prerequisites.
  • Mastery Paths with a twist.
  • The integration of BADGR (yep, spelled correctly Smiley Wink) to award digital badges for completing modules.

Benefits of escaping:

  • You'll have the most fun you've ever had while using Canvas (Disclaimer: While there is no evidence to back this up, you should still have a good time.)
  • Experience ways Canvas features are used to help facilitate learning.
  • You will be awarded with digital photo props you can use to share your escape on social media using #Instcon.
  • You will be awarded several digital badges for completing modules through the challenge.

Your choice regarding ways to participate in the escape:

However you decide to participate is entirely up to you.  No matter what, you should be able to experience features within Canvas while also learning about the Canvas community.  

  • Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner scenario: Rush through and experience the features in Canvas to claim victory and share your escape. (Disclaimer:  There will actually be no chicken dinner unless you take yourself out afterwards.)
  • Valedictorian scenario:  Take your time and really explore the content of the course and delve into the learning.  This way may take a little longer with escape taking place after the session is over, but can still result in a successful escape.
  • Hybrid scenario: This is a combination of the Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner and Valedictorian scenarios.  This does not have to be a 50/50 split.  You can decide what blend you want to your mixture.  If you are more competitive, you may lean towards the Winner scenario.  If not, you may gain a deeper understanding of the Canvas Community.

Itinerary for this session:

  1. Brief introduction to session details (5-10 min)
  2. You attempt to escape (20-25 min)
  3. Q&A...or continue to try to escape if you are that into it (10 min)

Participant needs

  • Your own device (while the course works in a mobile browser, I find it more enjoyable on my laptop)
  • Paper and pencil to keep track of clues and notes for yourself
  • Willingness to participate and ask questions

Once session is over:

  • Course should be open so you can complete it and escape, review it, share it with others.
  • If all goes as planned, I will be sharing a copy of the escape course to the Commons.  This way you can import it into your own course and explore how things are set up from a teacher perspective.  (You will have to integrate the BADGR LTI into your course prior to using the badges and you may need to create your own badges.)   
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  1. tellison  Not sure what was done, but between stefaniesanders‌ and my inquiries, the Escape the Room session is now showing up in the conference app. Please let me know if you are still not seeing it.  Thanks again for the heads up! Thank You
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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Nice to know you will be there‌ since your blog post on Hacking Mastery Paths was what inspired the Mastery Paths "twist" in this session.  I look forward to meeting you. 

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Highlighted and thank you very much.  It is there and now added to my schedule!Schedule


Thanks tellison‌!  I look forward to meeting you!

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hey Ryan 

This looks amazing. Can I play this virtually?

I am sadly not at instructurecon this year



Hello‌!  Definitely!  I will direct message you with access information.  Don't want to post it here before the session.  🙂  


Hey Ryan! Hope the session went well! Waiting with baited breath for the update with access!

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Thank you so much for this presentation and demo!  I know it must have taken a lot of work on your part and everyone was anxious to get to the next session.  But I spent time on the way home and still thinking about how to best make your idea into something we can use here for our faculty PD and new student orientation to Canvas!   So your time was definitely not wasted!  

Thank you again!


Beth Crook

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Escape logo

Now that the session is over, here is some information that might be helpful.

  • If you were unable to attend or just would like to have others take a look at the Escape course, here is the enroll link:
  • If you really want to dig into the course, look under the hood, and see how things were put together, go to the Commons and use the keywords:  canvescape, Corris

I would also like to send a shout out to stefaniesanders‌ for creating the initial course in so I would have a place to develop this course, Deactivated user‌ for patiently answering all of my questions prior to Instructurecarn, and heidiadams‌ for working with me on this endeavor and eventually presenting with me.  I would also like to say thank you to Lakota Local Schools (my place of employment) for deciding that canvas‌ was/is the best LMS for our school district and for the support that allowed me to attend Instructurecon.

If you do something like this with your students and/or staff, I would love to hear some details.  

Good luck!


You're welcome, and thank you for your awesomeness,‌!