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Escape the Room: Canvas Carnival

This will be a true escape the room experience housed within a Canvas course.  What happens if you don't escape in time?  No big deal!  You will have access to the course after the session and can escape whenever you want.

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Log in for

The course for this session will be housed within  If you do not have an account for this instance of Canvas, you can save time by creating an account before this session. (Make sure to remember your password!)

What will you experience when you attend?

  • An interactive course where you can explore some features in Canvas and participate to learn a little bit about the Canvas Community at the same time.
  • Modules with required items and prerequisites.
  • Mastery Paths with a twist.
  • The integration of BADGR (yep, spelled correctly Smiley Wink) to award digital badges for completing modules.

Benefits of escaping:

  • You'll have the most fun you've ever had while using Canvas (Disclaimer: While there is no evidence to back this up, you should still have a good time.)
  • Experience ways Canvas features are used to help facilitate learning.
  • You will be awarded with digital photo props you can use to share your escape on social media using #Instcon.
  • You will be awarded several digital badges for completing modules through the challenge.

Your choice regarding ways to participate in the escape:

However you decide to participate is entirely up to you.  No matter what, you should be able to experience features within Canvas while also learning about the Canvas community.  

  • Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner scenario: Rush through and experience the features in Canvas to claim victory and share your escape. (Disclaimer:  There will actually be no chicken dinner unless you take yourself out afterwards.)
  • Valedictorian scenario:  Take your time and really explore the content of the course and delve into the learning.  This way may take a little longer with escape taking place after the session is over, but can still result in a successful escape.
  • Hybrid scenario: This is a combination of the Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner and Valedictorian scenarios.  This does not have to be a 50/50 split.  You can decide what blend you want to your mixture.  If you are more competitive, you may lean towards the Winner scenario.  If not, you may gain a deeper understanding of the Canvas Community.

Itinerary for this session:

  1. Brief introduction to session details (5-10 min)
  2. You attempt to escape (20-25 min)
  3. Q&A...or continue to try to escape if you are that into it (10 min)

Participant needs

  • Your own device (while the course works in a mobile browser, I find it more enjoyable on my laptop)
  • Paper and pencil to keep track of clues and notes for yourself
  • Willingness to participate and ask questions

Once session is over:

  • Course should be open so you can complete it and escape, review it, share it with others.
  • If all goes as planned, I will be sharing a copy of the escape course to the Commons.  This way you can import it into your own course and explore how things are set up from a teacher perspective.  (You will have to integrate the BADGR LTI into your course prior to using the badges and you may need to create your own badges.)   
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Thank you for the kind words !  It makes me very happy to know that you are still thinking about this! Let me know if you have any questions or there is anything I can do to help.


To sign up for, it is asking for a Join Code?  What would this be?

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hey!  If you go to and you do not have an account it will prompt you to create one.  If you do have an account, you should be able to sign in there and it should take you to the course. Please let me know if this works.

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Hi thank you for sharing this class!

The link you provided doesn't go to a live page. Is there another link to use?


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Hey terre.omalley@seattlecolleges.eduand I can tell what happened. If a URL doesn't have "http://" on it, this Community platform thinks it is a relative URL. Ryan, I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of fixing the link. Terre, give it a try now.


That worked! 

Thanks awilliams‌.


No problem awilliams‌.  I have always used the URL without the http:// in front of it.  I did not realize the Community platform would not recognize it.  Thanks!


Yes! Same for us. We're already figuring out how to use this with our Summer Institute classes in a couple of weeks. Thank you so much! Fantastic!


I love to hear this‌! If you have the opportunity, I would love an update after the fact to see how everything goes when you try this.

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate


Just finished this - Wow, what an amazing piece of work. Loved it! It must have taken ages!

The gamified approach works really well with the mix of challenges leading to the understanding of more features. Really liked the Mastery Paths feature and the hack element that allowed you to go back to it each time. Took me a little time as I might have competitively ticked Yes for all 3 answers at the beginning!

Loved the emojis - really brings the Modules and activities to life and breaks up the text. Also thought the quiz answer by posting the URL was a great idea - can see how that would work well with webquests. Super to see you trying out some different HTML approaches and the work on the Tabbed page is really impressive. I liked the Hint buttons too. I do wish there were some other bits of HTML that might improve the their design (instead of that large x in the pop up window)

Some thoughts for going on - only for you to have a play!

  • I wonder what the courses would look like using the quiz tool?
  • When I wrote a badging course to introduce younger students to Canvas I wanted them to go to see the Badges they had earned. I wonder if this newish feature in Badgr might encourage them to view the badge as part of the Module flow? How do I accept evidence URLs in Canvas courses? - Badgr Support - Confluence 
  • And for next year, you could present your work on Badgr Pathways!

Many thanks for sharing this with me outside of the conference