InstCarn Recap: Day 1 - PM Keynote



Canvas is an awesome, customer focused product that has gotten better with growth. Find small ways to increase your gratitude each day. 

Session Notes

Josh Coates: The Sultan of SaaS
Did our mental warmups.
Intro about Instructure.
They develop software that makes people smarter.
Raised satisfaction from A- to an A
Uptime stats for last year 99.992% uptime. Down for about 3 minutes a month.
History of Instructure
YouTube video
Closed over 100 contracts in the first year.
Started to move into K-12
Video was scrubbed by marketing team. Show a sample. It was amazing.
Show usage stats during Super Bowl. Beyoncé’s halftime show stopped learning.
New features over the years.
Show video of release note from last ten years.
Thanks for all the support, courage, patients and friendship.
Shares about gratitude.
Always happy with what we have until we see something better.
Gratitude produces:
  • Blocks toxic emotions
  • Produces resilience to stress
  • Strengthens social ties
Ways to increase gratitude.
Can even find something good about Comic Sans
Text written in comic sans improves comprehension.
Introduces Dan Goldsmith, President of Instructure for Q&A. I recorded the audio, and will insert later. 
Josh does a magic trick.

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*All of the content here is from my live session notes or straight from my memory. This means that I may miss something or be mistaken in my content. Please feel free to add to, put in context, or correct any mistakes by using the comments below.