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Panda #stepsforbeth

Y’all ready for a partay? I am! In fact, I’m packing my bags (yes, red nose and floppy shoes included) in prep for InstructureCarn in Keystone, CO. I was going to ask my buddy Josh (Mr. Coates to you, btw) if he’d share an Uber with me, but then I ‘bumped’ into Beth from #stepsforbeth. Turns out she’s going this year!


I missed catching up with her last year. For those who don’t know, days before her flight to InstructureCon 2017, she was hit with a super rare (1%) spinal stroke and was paralyzed from the waist down. Although we didn’t connect, I (along with many of my Canvas friends) followed her every step in her heroic journey back to health.

And just recently, she announced:

“Y'all....I got approval!!! Well 2 out of 4 of my medical team and my boss. With restrictions (i.e. wheelchair and must travel with someone who can assist are going to have to draw straws for this one).”

Of course, this made my giant panda heart happy. I first met <Beth> when she joined the Canvas Community in June of 2015. She’s a sharer (like me) and posts all sorts of goodies in the Community. We connected at InstructureCon 2015. I was just chillaxin’ by the tents, feeling all “kumbayawesome,” when (click!) she took this beautiful picture (Snapchat wasn’t really a thing back then).

We’ve been BFFs ever since.


But, I digress.


In hopes to re-create another memorable photo op with Beth, I will track my #stepsforbeth en route to Instructurecon 2018 (that’s 456.69 miles of dedication!). I’m going to use my paws (and since I have 4 of them, my steps will add up quickly. Sorry, humans) to track each step!

Will you join me?


This year I’ll start tracking my steps in stridekick and I can invite 100 of my Canvas friends to join me, virtually.

Here are the deets:

  1. Download the stridekick app
  2. Set up a stridekick account and connect your exercise tracker
  3. Direct Message my walking buddy and handler @Renee or email and provide the email address you used to create the account and she’ll invite you (cuz she’s good like that)!
  4. Accept the invite and start your #stepsforbeth

Can I just say, “I love this community!” (Okay, now I’m going to start crying). But seriously, it’s not just about being Canvas users, but offering up your experiences that end up bringing out your passions, your humanity, and your deep friendships.

See you ‘clowns’ in Keystone!

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Get ready to eat Doc Team dust, Panda!

Also everyone should panda-shame eallen‌ for not joining us.


Hey! Someone's gotta drive the support vehicle so Panda has bamboo. 


eallen you're my new favorite human!


Let's do this thing!!!


Haha YEEEEP, turns out I got a sneaky head start because I live in the future! For those playing at home, I also gain a day on the way over *grins*. I have also note.. someone seems to have tied down to a treadmill, which has kept him walking like a MACHINE!!! *high fives* :smileygrin:.

(I have found myself chanting in my head as I walk around at times during the day 'steps for, steps for BETH!' like a little cheer squad!)


That's awesome, Stuart - you'r a one man cheering squad.  Yesterday was a bit of an anomaly for me but I'll try to keep stepping for Beth.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Y'all are seriously making my day week month!

Explorer II

I'm in! Can't wait to breathe that fresh mountain air!

Ted Danson saying &quot;Okay, here we go.&quot;


Count me in!   


You're counted!  Thanks!!