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Community Team

Canvas Mobile Apps, Not Just for Students Anymore

 @rseilham ‌

Let's explore a day in the life with Canvas Mobile apps which includes a real-world experience by students and teachers while on-the-go. This session will help teachers and designers better understand mobile use, optimize course content, communicate effectively, and create an awesome learning experience, anywhere.

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Community Contributor

Nice presentation!  Thank you for sharing and loved the tips and tricks.  Always good to see how everyone uses tools as we all function in our own routine.  Seeing something new can make all the difference.

Can you expand on how you determined the mobile usage data? 

Community Contributor

Good Presentation.  Great Demo of Wayback Machine.  Tells the story of the App. 

HI  @udelhsar ‌, 

At UCF we use three data points to examine usage, beliefs, and preferences. 

  1. An annual mobile survey administered through Qualtrics. The survey gives us good qualitative and quantitative feedback. We share all the data with the Canvas mobile team. 
  2. Google Analytics: We have GA installed with Canvas so it gives us good stats on mobile vs desktop vs tablet usage. Keep in mind, this is only web usage since the native app doesn't support GA.
  3. Canvas Data: This is where we get the most data. Our admins have created dashboards for me to follow general usage and unique users of the Canvas Student and Teacher apps. This is tracked every month with our KPIs to see how the trends compare from month to month and year to year. We do this by searching for User Agents that appear in the Canvas Data that allows us to extract only native mobile app usage.

With that, no data is perfect, but it's clear that the app is widely used, important, and generally liked by students and teachers. Hope this helps! 

Thanks! I think knowing where we've been will help us appreciate where we are at. The apps have come a long way since their humble beginnings! 

Community Participant

 @rseilham ‌, great video, great presentation.  We are preparing for our Canvas PD for our teachers (both new and old) for the 2019-2020 school year.  I have been urging teacher to use the Canvas Mobile Teacher app, but few have done so.  We are trying to get more buy in with the app and I think this video will be very helpful.  Thanks!

Community Contributor

Great Job and a very useful resource to explain the Canvas apps to our users.

Community Participant

 @rseilham ‌ how did I miss this presentation until now? This is great information on the apps! I remember the days of Speedgrader as the only way for Teachers to work through the app. The Teacher app is so helpful for our faculty who wouldn't otherwise think of using their phones or tablets to work in their courses. AND having the videos demonstrating the usage is an added bonus! Nice work here.

Thanks, I appreciate it! The apps have come a long way and give teachers, students, and parent much more flexibility to participate anywhere and at any time. 

Community Participant

Great intro!  Even the recent update I got on my phone gets me excited or all the canvas has the potential for!

Community Contributor

Love the history lesson. Our Parent App is working so much better now - with the pairing code, way better access. Kids are all over the student app too. Design tips are great too and I love a good checklist!