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I'm still trying to process what an AMAZING week instructurecon 2019 has been.  I usually take a week to fully allow myself to reorganize everything I've absorbed and learned.  But there's one thing that simply cannot wait.  I had a few moments last week that I shared some hard tears and those friends that caught me in those moments, I THANK YOU for holding me up when I needed it.  What most of you didn't realize is that your hugs, your smiles, your words and laughter carried me through the days leading me up to my 2nd "Strokaversary" today.  I am not writing this for your sympathy, rather for a call for action as you are all getting back to your homes/offices/schools.

So far we have had 25 people voluntarily turn in their step counts and over 1.5 MILLION steps have been calculated!!  This is huge!  It's not to late to submit your steps from last week if you are wanting to! You may do so here or on twitter (and tag #stepsforbeth on twitter).  Every one of your steps has not only helped me through my week, but is also helping me push my warm energy and prayers toward someone else.

Today, on my 2nd Strokaversary, here's what I'm asking from each of you. (I've now had permission from her friend to post this) Some of you may know Jacoba from K-12 and Higher Ed Sales and Marketing at Cidilabs.  Her daughter, Dallas, passed away. While I was inputing and tallying up your steps this weekend, I was constantly thinking about how Jacoba was at her daughter's funeral Saturday and how absolutely blessed and thanking the Lord that I was able to have my daughter by my side last week.  And I couldn't help but think of how she will need to feel warmth and love in the days to follow. 

On Dallas' memorial homepage, they are asking for random acts of kindness:

What else? If you feel compelled to do something in my name (and I ain’t saying it’s necessary) you know I love helping those in need.


  • Hug a stranger who needs you

  • Pay it forward at the drive-thru

  • Donate to the Cache Humane Society in my name (you know how much I love kittens, right?)

  • Donate to Planned Parenthood to provide health care for women who can’t afford it on their own.

  • We’ll be donating my hair to kids who need it—so if you’ve got an extra 10 inches, let’s do it together.

Then click on that homepage and fill out the form and send Jacoba some warmth and Panda love like our #stepsforbeth knows how to do so well!  

Thank you 

PS.  I'll reflect on the rest of the week on another post...today's post is about Dallas and Jacoba

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