Anyone else bothered that assignments are marked Overdue even if they have a score if they aren't a submission assignment?

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My students use the iOS app, and we are discovering, when the students open the Assignments tab, that work that has been completed is being assigned as "Overdue."

What I mean is, that even if the assignment has a grade in the Grades page, or is categorized as a No Submission assignment, it still comes up as Overdue, because the Overdue list runs on whether or not something has been submitted.

This is frustrating as I may have students do work on paper instead of digitally, or I may have assignments I want to put in, but want to collect on paper or have No Submission. Since I teach 9th grade, many of them rely on Canvas to help them keep track of what to do, and the phantom Overdue assignments are messing them up. It is easy for people who don't teach 9th graders to say, "Just have them ignore it. They should know if they turned it in," when in reality, 9th graders (and other high school students), may have no idea. They may wonder if it is marked Overdue because the teacher lost it, or if it was forgotten, or if they did it wrong. They may have completely forgotten what it was, and redid it. I've had students believe/do all of these things so far this year. Even a grade in the Grade tab still don't stop them from panicking over the "Overdue" notification.

What needs to happen is assignments are cleared and put in the Past section if a score has been submitted. This would allow students to see if their on paper or no submission work was done or not. But who knows if this will ever actually happen. Does anyone else ever struggle with this?

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I'm updating this thread for the sake of keeping our discussions accurate! It ended up that this behavior was a bug! Shortly after Mary created the feature idea, one of the iOS engineers shared this comment.

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