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Bloom's Taxonomy and Canvas


Has anyone developed a Bloom's Taxonomy with Canvas tools and strategies? Not just a digital taxonomy but one that digs a bit deeper.

We are currently starting to develop one to support teaching and learning- have already read Digital Learning + Canvas + SAMR Checklists as well as the Canvas tool guide for teachers which were very helpful - thank you! Was wondering if there was something similar. We are also looking at backward mapping strategies and how these can improve assessment for learning and the integration of Canvas.  @david_summervi1  #callaghancollegewallsendcampus

If there is nothing around, when we finish our version of it, we will share!

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Thanks  @johnmartin ‌. Very helpful. We are slowly working on this and will hopefully have something to share in the next few weeks. It is great to get this kind of feedback.

I don't use Canvas for sharing/interaction, but I am SO GLAD for the nickname option, and I make it a point to tell students how to do that. Even if it does not matter in my classes (discussion happen via the students' blogs, where they can configure their name in any way they want, go pseudonymous, etc. etc.), I know they will probably be using Discussion Board in their other classes, and for students who pointedly do NOT use their legal first name, being able to use the name of their choice is so important!

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HI Everyone, 

Further to the original question and with thanks to all your feedback, this is a start - wanted to share so that you can give me some feedback for improvement. Very much a work in progress - CALP and Canvas. For those that are looking at our CALP - College Assessment for Learning Project and wondering what it is, the link is a brief explanation from a PowerPoint I did a couple of years ago as a summary for new staff etc. Please forgive my unhealthy obsession with Vanilla Ice - just trying to keep teachers awake on a Friday afternoon staff meeting after a swimming carnival! Our College had a massive assessment for learning push and the backward mapping techniques are timeless. Wanted to incorporate CALP, Canvas, SAMR and Blooms - theory and practice together! Thanks to  @akuntz ‌ for his work and everyone recommending that.  @david_summervi1 ‌ #callaghancollegewallsendcampus

Cheers & hope the links work!

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This makes me wish we could bookmark comments. Thanks so much for sharing. 

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Thank you  @stacy_lambert for submitting this question! I love all of the contributions that have been made!!

Based on your inquiry, I feel that this is a better discussion than a question that has a single “correct” answer. However, because another Community member has clicked the “I also have this question!” button, I am unable to convert it to a discussion for an ongoing conversation.

Because it is my goal to clean up the K-12 space before the end of 2018 so only the only open questions are those that are still relevant! With that goal in mind, I am going to mark this question as “Assumed Answered” so it is removed from the list. The status will not prevent Community members from contributing and continuing this conversation! Smiley Happy

Community Onward,