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Canvas-Compatible Math Curriculum

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I'm the Canvas admin for our school district and I've been put on the team for our Middle and High School Math adoption committee. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Math curriculum that will interface with Canvas. Whether they have an LTI compatible app or some Common Cartridge materials that can be loaded up into Canvas. Really I'll take any information you might have. Thanks!

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Hi Deactivated user‌! It is a totally self-contained online program. There are no print materials. 

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Hi Matt,


Our company has an LTI app, Coach Digital, which is made up of several math resources. All of the resource are available through Canvas, in a print workbook format for teachers & students, and can be printed from the LTI app, Coach Digital. Many, but not all, of the lessons can be assigned for students to do online. I would love to share what we have if you want to reach out to me at





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We are using Open-Up Math for grades 6-8: Open Up Resources - Mathematics 

They have recently created Canvas courses that are available for import. There are some design challenges (content pages were created instead of assignments so you have to create an assignment to allow for students submission); however, the content itself is high quality. 

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I teach 7th - 12th grade math in Canvas in an online school (we have some on-site components but class instruction is entirely online).

We use Florida Virtual for most of our core academic subjects. It's all online with no print textbooks. It includes both lessons (sets of webpages hosted by FLVS accessed as "External Tools" as far as Canvas is concerned - no additional student login is needed to view the lessons beyond being logged in to their Canvas class) and assignments (a mixture of Canvas quizzes and Canvas assignments).

I have spent a lot of time going through and editing the course shells they gave me to make them better suited to bothmy specific classes and Canvas in general than what I started with, and I would definitely say that it feels like a generic import designed to work with a wide variety of potential LMSes rather than something optimized to work as well as possible with Canvas specifically.

Example: each assignment is paired with a specific lesson, but the assignments by default do not contain any links back to those lessons or indications that there's something you should go find and do before completing the assignment. It's assumed that students are on the Modules page and interacting with their courses that way so they will see all course content. Our first year with Canvas, many students would click on the quizzes directly from their to-do list, take the quizzes, and then complain that they had never been taught how to do those things and why didn't their math class have anything other than math problems in it this year? I have now gone through an added a sentence like "Please complete Lesson: Dividing Rational Numbers before working on this assignment" as a description to all of the assignments and quizzes (sometimes with additional information/review options as I've noticed it being needed) so students are more likely to complete their lessons before doing the assignments, but "out of the box" none of that was in place.

I'd be happy to tel you more about my experiences with FLVS if you're interested - I've used their middle and high school math curricula for 3 years in two different LMSes now. I'm also interested in what other people are using for math curricula since there are both good and bad things about our current setup so I'm always looking to see what else is out there. (I suspect there is no perfect online math curriculum, since I never found a perfect print textbook either, but I'm going to keep looking...)

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Hi Matt:

This is Jeff - I work with Texthelp and would LOVE to show you our EquatIO product - which is an LTI app working within Canvas - AMAZING!     Send me a note at for a good time to do a web overview or give me a buzz, 888-248-0652 x3324.   You will be overwhelmed by what we can do.....


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It looks like we are going with Open-up as well. I'm struggling to find the courses to import. Are they in the Commons? If not, how do I access them?


I realize your post is older but if you could share with me the Canvas compatible math curriculum, I would appreciate it greatly.


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Any updates on this question?  I'm on the same hunt and would love to know what others may have found. 

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I would also like an update.  Since the pandemic began, we've needed to use Canvas more.  It's been a real issue trying to assess students with open-ended questions for a typical high school progression of Algebra 1 - Geometry - Algebra 2.

Our current textbook does not integrate well with Canvas - all short answer (aka fill-in-the-blank) questions are turned into essay questions and the answers stripped.  Since I'm also trying to align with outcomes, when I migrate to new quizzes, the math images are stripped.  Since we had to purchase iPads for all students, the replacement of textbooks went to the back burner.  We still do not have a timeline for adopting new books.

Any leads on how students can easily be assessed without the interface being the biggest issue is appreciated.