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Canvas with Littles K-5 Usage

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Thanks to everyone who was able to join us during the Canvas Live event.  Linked here is the recording from the session attached is the chat transcript from the session.  We wanted to move the discussion, connections and conversations to the Engagement Space where you can start your own discussions, continue to post to this thread and to the video as well. 


We hope you all enjoyed hearing what Forney ISD has done as much as we have.  

Here is a link to the fabulous presentation by Stacy Joseph, Stormy Lemond, & Sherrie Watson


For more resources around our community on Elementary Usage here are some very handy links: 

INSTCON Videos: 

A few other fun and handy resources: 


This is great  @lstark ‌....

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Community Advocate

Great resource  @lstark ‌!  Thanks for sharing.

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Community Coach

All of this goodness in ONE PLACE! I've shared this a few times. It's going to take me a while to absorb all of the hidden gems here. Thanks  @lstark and all of the team who contributed. 

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This is a huge help as hopefully going to begin Canvas in earnest in all our Junior schools next year.

Would also add this to the list - UEN PDTV: Canvas in Elementary Schools

Many thanks  @lstark ‌

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A lot of helpful information!!

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My school is looking ahead to next year and teachers are asking about rolling over their courses. 


1. Do you recommend rolling over elementary courses?

2. is there anything we should be careful of when rolling over a course?

3. Is there anything we should NOT do when rolling over a course? 

We are trying to be proactive! (Hopefully, we will not have to be remote again, but...)

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