Converting Paper Based Lab Assignment to Canvas

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I was speaking with a high school metal shop teacher the other day.  He had what I thought as a neat way to use Canvas in his lab.  The students must demonstrate how to safely use various pieces of equipment throughout the semester.  When a student is ready to demonstrate a proficiency the following happens:

  1. Student goes and gets teacher
  2. Teacher has student login into Canvas on the teacher's iPad and hand the tablet back to the teacher
  3. Teacher navigates to a quiz, for example; Demonstrate Knowledge of Safe Use of a Lathe
  4. Teacher enters password to begin quiz
  5. Quiz has questions like "Student wore appropriate safety goggles" [Yes/No].  As the student works through their demo, the teacher 'answers' the questions.

I thought this would be a great technique for nursing programs, lab classes or any course with a field component. 

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