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Direct adding of students to Canvas? Is it possible?

Hello, everyone!! I have just started using Canvas a couple of days ago, and I LOVE IT! I am at a public charter school; The local school system uses Canvas but does not make it available to the charters, so I thought I would try it out using the "Build your Own" option before I promote Canvas to my Principal. I am our Technology Coordinator, and I teach technology classes in the computer lab. I have just about gotten my content ready to go, but so far I haven't been able to get the students to be able to access it.

We do not give email accounts to our students. I have not figured a way to directly add them to my Canvas account. I *can* add them, but it requires that they accept an invetation by email.  Does anyone know of a way I can directly add students without email addresses?

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There is a code you can give the students to self -enroll to do this you  follow the following steps:

1. Select settings  on the left hand side

2.Under course details scroll down and select more options


4.Select update course details.

5.  After this at the bottom of the course details there will a  URL and a course join code

6.   a. give the url to the students to join the class

      b. have students go to select need canvas account top right hand corner then i am a       student.  Have the students register  with the code.

Hope this helps

It does - at least I can get them in there now. I would really like to be able to control their information, like their user names, student ID numbers, and such.


I have used this way to sign students up for the classes and I give them a sheet of paper with directions for creating user names, passwords, etc.  I usually make it a  assignment grade.  Those students who follow my directions receive full credit, those who don't I remove their user name from the course and they must try again.  I then reduce their grade on the assignment.