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Do you put your k-12 Curriculum In Canvas?

Any k-12 District using Canvas to house Curriculum for the district?

We left BYOC about two and half years ago. We created our own Google Site and then used Google Docs to house our pacing guides and curriculum resources. But it gets a little crazy and unorganized. Wondering if anyone has created curriculum for their subjects all in Canvas.

  • How are you housing Curriculum in Canvas?
  • What is your naming convention?
  • How are you using Groups?
  • How to you add new curriculum lessons?
  • What would you do differently?
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To bring this back up, my district is going to visit with another district that houses their curriculum in Canvas on April 4th. I will share back highlights from our discussion if any one is interested. 

Our school district houses curriculum for each grade and course topic in Canvas.   We created "communities" for 1st grade, 2nd grade and so on through Elementary.  At the secondary level, we have topic communities such as secondary science, secondary math.  Any teacher can 'view' the content in those communities, or 'join' through self-enrollment which then enables all the communication functionality.  We require that teacher join or affiliate with communities that make sense for them and this is largely how we distribute new curriculum now by linking master curriculum courses from these communities.  We keep students out by enrolling all of teachers / staff in the communities page during the new hire process and although the underlying community pages are open (institutional restriction setting), teachers know not to share the URLs and we have not found any students in there yet.  

Joe, thanks for sharing. A quick follow up, do you have a all staff course that becomes the main website to access all the curriculum communities? Also, a thought I had to regulate who joins the community is to make it a moderate process, in other words, create a form that the user can complete and indicate which community(ies) they want to join and then you can manually add users to it. Just a thought. 

Yes, we have one staff course that all staff are enrolled in.  There are currently about 11,000 participants in that course. That is one way to get at the curriculum communities.  The other way is there is a button that we make appear on the global nav button called "communities" for anyone with the teacher role.  That is done through Javascript.  You could definitely moderate who gets into a community, however with 10,000 staff, we want this to be as self-service as possible and not be in the business of doing transnational work. 

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I like that visual.  So in hindsight you would do one per grade level?

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Thank you for the visual!

 @joseph_allen  Can you share how you do the javascript? I have not added any custom script to our account, but would love to see how you created that? 

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There is probably a better way to do this but you can append to the end of the menu on the left using the following Javascript: 

$("#menu").append('<li class="menu-item ic-app-header__menu-list-item"><a id="ANY ID GOES HERE" href="URL GOES HERE" class="ic-app-header__menu-list-link"><div class="menu-item-icon-container" aria-hidden="true"></div><div class="menu-item__text">CUSTOM TEXT GOES HERE</div></a></li>');‍‍

There are three spots you must change in that code. 

  1. Give an id for the menu
  2. Give a URL to your course
  3. Give custom text to show in the menu

The code above does not include an icon so it will just add a text link to the menu.

I didn't test this but I think you can make it show up only for admins and teachers by wrapping it in an if statement like the one below:

if (ENV.current_user_roles.indexOf("admin") >= 1 || ENV.current_user_roles.indexOf("teacher") >= 1){
$("#menu").append('<li class="menu-item ic-app-header__menu-list-item"><a id="ANY ID GOES HERE" href="URL GOES HERE" class="ic-app-header__menu-list-link"><div class="menu-item-icon-container" aria-hidden="true"></div><div class="menu-item__text">CUSTOM TEXT GOES HERE</div></a></li>');‍‍

Here is the JS code we used.  Sorry this doesn't format nicely in the discussion post here. 

// Community icon for teachers and admins       if(typeof(ENV) !== 'undefined' && (ENV.current_user_roles.indexOf('admin') != -1 || ENV.current_user_roles.indexOf('teacher') != -1) ){           var html = ''           html = ' <li class="menu-item ic-app-header__menu-list-item"> ' +                      ' <a id="global_nav_communities_link" href="" class="ic-app-header__menu-list-link">'+                     '     <div class="menu-item-icon-container" aria-hidden="true"><img src=""></div>'+                     '     <div class="menu-item__text">Communities</div> ' +                     ' </a>' +                 '</li>';           $('ul#menu').append(html);       }

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Hello everyone! Our district currently has our K-5 ELA/Math/Science housed on Canvas. Each course is broken up by grade level. We uploaded our teachers from our SIS based on the classes they teach. For the resource teachers we generated a temporarily self-enroll code for them to join the various grade levels they needed. Then we shut the self-enroll code off since we are now house our district assessments in there as well.


The modules in each course is broke up by the four semesters we have. Included in each module is our curriculum maps, small group lessons, important dates etc. Then we break it down into weeks.


In each week, we  had our content expert teachers create lesson plans and resources. Our curriculum specialists vetted their resources before including them in our modules. I hope this explains how our district is utilizing Canvas to house our curriculum. Also, I want to mention that we also have made them interactive in which teachers can submit on the courses resources they are using that they would like to share with other teachers in our district. These resources are also vetted before posting on our modules. Next year we hope to have 6-12 curriculum housed on Canvas as well. We also hope to include professional learning courses that we will create for each subject linked onto their curriculum module. So it will be a one stop shop for their curriculum and professional learning needs for their grade level. We also hope to build some student-faced modules using the content and lessons from our curriculum.