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EDpuzzle in Canvas

I've been searching for info on integrating EDpuzzle lessons in Canvas.

Just linking or hyperlinking them seems to be more consistently reliable than trying to embed them.

You can put them into assignments or quizzes.

These are the YouTube videos I've been able to find on the topic:

First, two by the awesome Vince Neil...

Using EdPuzzle in a Canvas Quiz - YouTube

EdPuzzle & The Canvas Quiz The Final Product - YouTube

Then one by TeacherTechBytes...

Part 2 edpuzzle to canvas quiz final product - YouTube

Hope this helps!

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So no LTI as of yet for EdPuzzle eh? In Google Classroom they can get the scores to go in and track the amount of time the students viewed the video so I'm hoping that means that they've done some of the work that an external tool would need in order to function like some of the LTIs that passback grades. That would be awesome!

I created an LTI Partner Integration Idea to create an LTI for EDPuzzle so we can capture the data through Canvas.

That would be awesome!  I would appreciate similar abilities to Google Classroom.  Lately it seems like so many tools like Edpuzzle quickly and easily integrate with Google Classroom for organization and assessment, but not Canvas yet! 

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When I logged into EDPuzzle this morning, a prompt appeared and asked what LMS I use, confirmed my email address, and said some exciting news will be coming soon. I think that they might announce an LTI integration Canvas and/or other popular LMS's. This is just speculation, but the fact they asked what LMS I use is a little telling in my book.

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It definitely looks like EdPuzzle is working on a Canvas Integration for Grades:


You can embed EdPuzzle directly into Canvas.

The last piece is about getting grades over to Canvas, which is what they are working on.

Embedding via HTML is helpful, yes! https://support.edpuzzle.com/hc/en-us/articles/360007260632-Can-I-embed-an-assignment-into-an-LMS-bl...

If you look at this list, it says that Canvas is Coming Soon. Moving grades automatically from EdPuzzle to Canvas Gradebook would be awesome. Smiley Happy

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