Getting Teachers On Board and Using Canvas (Really)


So, I know there have been posts about this, but I am looking to you all to be honest about what is and is not working for you right now. Here is what is going on with my district:


  • One shining elementary course in a dual-language class being used thoughtfully and regularly. 
  • Professional development courses
  • Testing and Accountability courses provide consistency of content and delivery across the district
  • Pockets of great use in 6-12 


  • Overall still at a small % of active and regular users
  • Pockets of use, not ubiquitous 
  • Very little interest in moving over from old platforms (Google Classroom, Edmodo)
  • Not a requirement
  • Professional Development--some courses need to be thoughtfully redesigned
  • Course overload? Teachers feel like Canvas is just for PD and testing?? Maybe?
  • Only 2 people at the district level for support
  • Time--no required face to face time to work with users

So that is the good and the bad. I am feeling a touch less optimistic because we are at the mid point of year 2 and I am seeing stagnation rather than growth. So rather than just focus on the negatives, I am hoping to hear from you all about what has really really worked when it comes to getting teachers on board and using Canvas both thoughtfully and regularly with their learners. I look forward to this discussion!