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Good source of multiple choice questions importable to Canvas quizzes?


Has anyone found a good source of high school level multiple choice (or true-false, short answer) question banks that can be imported into Canvas as a test bank?

I'm so done with typing multiple choice history and government questions (which I'm generally using as practice anyway). 

I'm checking out Problem-Attic, but it only allows import of quizzes (not the test bank). 


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I'm actually very interested in this answer too, does anyone have an answer?  Maybe even someone from Canvas?

Only suggestions I have is import the quiz then add the questions to the questions bank, I have not found a way to add the questions from an import straight to a questions bank.

Hi ysmalls,

Are you importing quizzes from Problem-Attic?

An ExamView rep told me "ExamView allows you to export ExamView content for use in Canvas".  I haven't had time to explore that possibility yet.  Let's keep each other posted!

I have been able to import test banks from ExamView into Canvas if I export the bank as a Blackboard zip folder. Let me know if you have any questions on the process.

Hey @jomontuori 

Not Problem-Attic but from ExamView, I have done it and teachers have done it, so far it's worked out great.