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Google Assignments + Speedgrader Workaround

Google is a wonderful partner of ours that developed a newer integration, Google Assignments LTI 1.3. Many teachers love that Google integrates seamlessly with Canvas making it easy for students to turn in, collaborate and share their Google content through Canvas. 

The development of the Google Assignments External Tool Assignment feature does leverage Google's Classroom Feedback tool currently. Many teachers seek the consistency of viewing student submissions through the beloved Canvas Speedgrader ©. 

To achieve this experience, teachers can instead leverage the File Upload submission type. Teachers can share a document and allow students to make a copy by replacing /edit with /template/preview. This will give the students a preview of the file before they make a copy helping to alleviate students making multiple copies. Once they make a copy and complete their work, students can turn in Google files directly from their Google Drive. 

While this is not exactly the same as the process for Google Cloud External Tool Assignments, it is a solution while we await the much anticipated Speedgrader © integration from Google. 

Video Tutorial: Creating Google Assignments that leverage Speedgrader © 

Directions: Google Assignments LTI 1.3 + Speedgrader Workaround Document 


Remember to check the Google Release Notes for updates to Speedgrader © integration: 

**If you have questions about  Google's integration, including updates, please submit questions directly to Google. 

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Community Member

Is this a temporary fix while Instructure improves the External Tool Google Assignments LTI 1.3? Or is this now the recommendation for teachers who are wanting to use google assignments? 

It is frustrating that the student interface for this is not embedded in the Rich Content Editor as it was with the Google Drive Cloud Assignments. This creates 2 extra clicks for students beyond what their experience is with the Google Drive Cloud Assignments. 



Hi Taylor, 

Yes, this is a workaround for now. Many districts/schools have fully transitioned to Google Assignments LTI 1.3 and the instructors need a workaround to maintain the workflow they are accustomed to for assignment feedback. Since this integration is being built by Google we are waiting for them to complete the development and allow teachers to utilize Speedgrader. If you have Google specific questions you can reach out to them through their resources here: