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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Helping Parents Join Students' Canvas Courses

While our current thoughts are turning to closing out the current school year, with so many of our students still virtual, I keep getting complaints from parents that they never know what their students are supposed to be doing in class. Other teachers have come to me with this, as well as they hear the same complaints. I decided to come up with an easy way to show parents HOW they can access their students' Canvas courses.

All parents need to do is to "pair" themselves with their student's Canvas account. Since I am a big fan of pictures, I made a one-page "cheat sheet" for parents that you are free to use. This will allow your parents to quickly and easily pair themselves to their student's Canvas courses so they can see what they are up to (or NOT up to in some cases) in their courses.

I hope this helps! Please feel free to leave feedback as a comment. I am including a screenshot as well as a link to the Word version that you can use.

Canvas Cheat Sheet.PNG

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