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How do you get courses ready for Year 2?

This is our first year with Canvas. To start the year we exported courses and enrollments from our SIS then imported them into Canvas using the SIS import.  The teachers then added all the content to their courses.  We are now thinking ahead to Year 2.  I've looked at the MegaChecklist and watched several of the End of Year/Beginning of Year videos.  We do not want to "wipe" our Canvas environment so I'm looking for alternatives. One of the videos suggested creating an "Archive" subaccount for preserving the previous year's courses. That sounds like a promising alternative. Does anyone do that and how do you do that?  I'm guessing we would have to export all our Canvas courses, manipulate the subaccount name and SIS IDs, then reimport.  Does that method preserve the student enrollments?  Our teachers also want to be able to copy over selective content from their Year 1 courses.  Any alternative suggestions, recommendations, lessons learned, etc. would be appreciated!  Thank you!  

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Community Coach
Community Coach

We normally set our terms so they end a couple of weeks after the actual end of our "semester." That way students and faculty can go back in and view end of the semester stuff before the course is concluded. After this (depending on your settings) they can still view things, but can't submit or change things.

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And you can also give teachers a little more time to work on their grades by extending their access date past the term date.


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Would it be advisable for teachers to export their courses to Commons, then when the new school year rolls around, to import from Commons?  I would assume all the course content would then populate.  Am I on the right track?

Is there a reason they can't just copy their last semester (year) course over into the new semester? In general we find the less copying back and forth the better.

How would they copy and entire course this way?  Our CSM has advised Commons.  Please enlighten me.  Smiley Happy

 @hvhenderlight , in general we recommend that our faculty use this method to copy all their content from one semester (year) to the next - How do I import content from another Canvas course?

Yes, you could use Commons, but personally I find this overkill unless you're sharing course content with someone other than yourself.

FABULOUS! Thanks for teaching me this step. 

Oh, and does this work when one school ends and I need to find content from a previous school year?  That's why we were going the Commons route.

Yep, as long as Instructors have access to the previous year course - so it hasn't been deleted or cleared or anything like that - then this works perfectly.

This literally is the only way our faculty copy course content from one semester and/or year to another.