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How do you use Canvas to get quarter grades?

We are a K-12 institution that operates on a standard 4 quarter school year.   This is our first year using Canvas.  We're having some difficulty figuring out how to get quarter grades which can be loaded into our SIS to generate report cards.  The grade export report will work for Q1 because that is the start of the school year, but that report will aggregate over the course of the year.  I need to be able to see just Q2 grades, e.g. Nov 1 to Dec 30, then Q3 Jan 1 to March 1 etc.  Canvas does not seem to have any report that exports grades and is date driven.  Their standard answer is to use "terms", but that doesn't really make any sense for a year long 5th grade math class.  if we set up a term for every quarter, then you'd have to re-enroll all students in the course, you'd lose the continuity of one canvas site for a year etc. 

My question to you K12 community - How are you solving this problem?  Please help.

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Thank you for asking this  @joseph_allen ​ we are in the same situation.

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We are a high school of 1200+ students and 75 classroom teachers.  We, too, are 1st year Canvas users.  As a Canvas admin user, in course settings and features, I enabled Multiple Grading Periods and created the date ranges for each quarter.  At the Grading area, Settings, the grading periods were created.  There can be no overlap of dates at this time.  (It will be helpful to correct this aspect.)

Every assignment that is assigned to "Everyone" and given a due date will appear in the Grading period for that date range.  There is a bug, though.  Any differentiated assignment will default to the last grading period.  This wasn't too much of a problem for Quarter One but cannot stay this way going forward.

When the quarter period date range is over, teachers cannot edit grades in the Grades area.  We used Speedgrader for the assignment to change the grades or handle grades for those students who had incompletes.

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Joe,  There is a movement already underway in this area:  Differentiated Assignments not in Gradebook Grading Period    also     (Please Vote for this request).  What Linda mentioned is good.  Right now Canvas is about to insert a fix to the Gradebook in how it handles mutliple grading periods and differentiated assignments (multiple due dates) in the BETA instances, we hear this weekend.  Then a week or so for regression testing, then insert into Production.  We are all waiting for this.

With the date fixes for multiple grading periods and assignments, the next step is the reporting of it beyond the multiple grading periods, that is what why I am asking for your vote.

Until the Bug above is fixed, we are asking our Teachers to NOT use Differentiated Assignments for Q2.  So long as they leave "Everyone" in the Assign to: it should reflect an accurate date-driven view of Quarter 2 grading period and Total.  Hope this is helpful.

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We are at the start of a new quarter today. Many problems with grading periods. In my opinion, this feature is not ready for use. Be warned.

Problems--some mentioned in this thread already (according to Canvas these are known "bugs" that they are working to correct)

1. Assignments with multiple due dates as one might set up for different sections do not show up in the quarter. You must view them in "See All Grading Periods."

2. Grades cannot be changed once a quarter has passed unless you access the grade via SpeedGrader. This problem is not consistent with all assignments, only a mysterious few.

3. Some grades appear as zeros with a line through them instead of as a score.

If you are the Canvas admin for your school, be warned. I have spent my morning hearing from upset teachers and talking with Canvas tech support who very kindly have told me that they are aware of these glitches and are working to correct them.

My advice: Don't use grading periods until these things are fixed or you'll waste a lot of your day smoothing teacher anxiety with workarounds once your school moves into the magic next time zone of another grading period.

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All, the fix was pushed into BETA this evening (10/12).  I have tested my instance and it works properly now for Multiple Grading Periods with Differentiated Assignments (or non-diff assignments).  Smiley HappySmiley HappySmiley Happy  Please test your BETA instance and let your CSM know.  I heard they wanted to hear back it was working b4 pushing into production.  Maybe it will go into production tomorrow.

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 @ngee  Oct 14, 2015 8:40 AM (in response to Renee Carney)

I will test the beta fix for this and hope that this serious flaw is fixed, but aren't these two issues I describe below still a problem for the rest of you in a K-12 environment who need multiple grading periods?

1.)  Terms must be allowed to overlap.  One should be able to filter for Quarter One Grades (ex:  August 15- October 8), Second Quarter grades (ex: October 8-December 21), first semester grades (August 15-December 21).  Then, we should be able to repeat the process for second semester.  Right now (if we don't have multiple section courses with the flaw above) we can create the quarters, but we cannot see any combined grade but the total grade for the whole year.  This will be especially problematic in second semester when we only want to see Quarter 3, 4, and ONLY the combined Semester 2 grades.  This is a function of all electronic gradebooks I have ever seen, and it is so obvious and critical that it should not wait for "votes."

2.) many teachers and schools weight the grading periods and also have a final exam for each semester with a weight. So, the grading periods need to have that option too.  Quarter one:  40%, Quarter two: 40%, Final Exam: 20%.

We have just begun using Canvas this year, and we've worked hard to get out teachers excited about it's positive features, but gaps like this that are so logical and commonly used in a K-12 environment set back faculty buy in to the system considerably.

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Hello Nathaniel, both issues and any like them affect us in k-12 for sure, whether quarters or trimesters or....  The production fix is close, so the multiple grading periods should be resolved very soon, the BETA fix proved they had the proper code, so we are almost done with this problem.  There is a known issue with the grading periods where edits past the end date aren't possible, I am still following to see if that clears up.  Many have mentioned to not assign MGP at the account level and just 'allow' it, so that Teachers can control the dates, we elected to leave it at the account level and adjust the dates to get final stuff in for Q1 then adjust back to original end dates.  For the 2nd question, the assignment group (category) is where you weight, and unfortunately there isn't a term weight, but in our case and maybe others, there is still a SIS behind the scenes that needs the end of term total and we weight there for our Q1+Q2+SemesterExam=Sem Total.  The Instructure team is paying close attention as all this grading mess has caused many K-12 Teachers grief.  I think they will get it right and very soon.

 @jjordan1 ​  @ngee ​ How can I implement this fix for my school?

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If you have multiple grading periods setup, are you looking for the Q2 temp fix or ?  Could you add a bit more please Smiley Happy