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How to set up tutor groups so tutors have visibility of learner's grades in all their courses?

Hey all new to canvas and trying to set up a whole secondary school system to help tutors see the grades of the tutees. The tutors are in charge of the learner's pastoral needs but identifying overall dips in academic performance is a good indicator of pastoral issues. So I was wondering if there is an easy way for a tutor to identify the learner's overall academic performance in all the courses the learner might be enrolled in.

We have tutor groups in our school with each teacher assigned between 12- 24 different tutees. I was wondering what different schools have done to easily access this. 



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Community Coach

Hi! This is a good question!

Some schools have used a modified Observer role, but that can be cumbersome on the web with that many individuals being tutored. (Though, it would work better on the Canvas Parent app.) How do I use the Canvas Parent app on my iOS device? 

Alternatively, some schools have adopted a tool called Dropout Detective. It's one of Instructure's partners, and it does some pretty cool things with data, trends, and success monitoring. Though, if the tutors aren't official employees of your school, student privacy may/should be a complicating factor.Partner Listing: AspirEDU, Inc. 

Could you set up a course in which the tutor is the instructor? Students could submit a screenshot of their current grades page each Friday. It could be a great way to utilize other Canvas tools (discussions, assignments, inbox, etc) to communicate and to coach.

If you'd like to collaborate further, please reply! I'm curious to see what others suggest as well.

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Thank you for mentioning us, Kristin!  Yes, our solution is Dropout Detective (which can be branded as "Grade Guardian" for our K-12 clients) can give tutors a personalized dashboard of just their students and can give this kind of view to your school personnel.  I have attached a brief overview doc:  


Grade Guardian - Overview TabGrade Guardian - Overview Tab