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IEP Goal Monitoring with Canvas?

Special Education Teacher looking for ideas and methods to utilize Canvas in IEP Goal Monitoring and Parent Reporting.  Any ideas out there?

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I am part of a large K12 institution and we have the same issue.  Special educators, counselors and other non-teachers need access to students and their grades.  We are hesitant to just give them global access to all kids and there really isn't a good way to do this in canvas that I can see.  How have you proceeded?



 @joseph_allen ​ & stacie.kintigh​, have you seen or thought about using Dropout Detective for this type of thing? Dropout Detective integrates seamlessly into Canvas and would allow you to specify which people have access to certain students. In addition, they have a dashboard where the students could be quickly and easily monitored. The Dashboard shows the students in order from most at risk to least at risk (based on grades, missing assignments, etc) and if you click on the name of a student from the Dashboard you can then see each class the student is in and their current grade, missing assignments, last time the student submitted an assignment, and much more. In addition, there is a "notes" area for each student where everyone could collaborate to provide information and updates about the student(s) - this isn't visible to students or parents.

I'm going to tag  @Chris_Munzo ​ from Dropout Detective on this so he can provide more information.

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 @joseph_allen ​ and stacie.kintigh​ -- As  @kona ​ mentioned, we are a partner of Canvas and we work with over 60 Canvas K-12 and higher ed schools.  Our K-12 clients use Dropout Detective because of its ability to aggregate Canvas data in a student-centric way.  For example, we can denote special educators, counselors and even football coaches as "advisors" and then assign students to each advisor.  That way, the "advisors" would have access to just those student that they were assigned.  We provide a single screen that lists all of a student's classes and grades (see below), as well as a place where school personnel can share notes about a student.  We do have a subscription cost but we also have happy clients and great references.  Please reach out to me if you'd like to know more.  Thanks!

Overview - K12.JPG


Please give me a call and let's talk.  Please shoot me an email just before you call.  Thanks.

Joe Allen

Howard County Public Schools

Ellicott City, MD 21043


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Are you looking for tracking progress or a way to document/track goals for students with specific time frames/milestones?

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Sorry for the delay on this post, but you may find it helpful.

At Vancouver Public Schools, we're pulling the IEP Manager field from our SIS and loading each of these managers as observers to their related students.  This gives them access to the students submitted work and grades within Canvas.  We're still working our way through the process, but the actual upload process is working fine.  Each of the caseload managers is enrolled as an observer in the student's course and is aligned with that student.

Because they're observers, their access follows the student.

Note: We did not load them using the global observer API.  We're reserving that for the parents, in part because there's no permission tied to the global API user.  We created a new observer role in permissions (SpSvcs Observer), which gives us the ability to manage the permissions for this group independently.

Two issues remain that we're working on:

1) We have not yet created a routine to get the observer off of the student when they are no longer the caseload manager.  Since we just loaded this in Sept for the first time, we have some time.  We also need the Special Services department to get the updating done sooner in the year, because we had ES caseload managers on MS students, etc.  We'd like to get to the point where the entire assignment/de-assignment process is automated.

2) We've received feedback that the caseload teachers are getting inundated with notifications.  While this doesn't matter as much for teachers who don't have classes of their own, the ones with classes have to separate out the notifications from their classes from the notifications where they are observers. There's a difference in the response times between these two notification types.

This is the reason we submitted a feature request to select notification preferences by class.  We were pointed to this link  While this received lots of votes last spring, there weren't resources to address this at that time.  Scot Dennis said that he would bring this up again for voting in the next round.

Voting is now open for the ability to set notifications by course.  If using the IEP caseload manager as observer role I outlined above, being able to limit notifications would really help these teachers.  Please vote here if you agree:    Thanks!