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Link Gradebook to Learning Mastery Gradebook?

I'm a new teacher and new to canvas and I'm finding pros and cons to both the regular gradebook and the learning mastery gradebook. Is there a way I can do both at the same time?

I've started with the regular one, and for many of the assignments, I have already assigned regular points that align perfectly to my rubrics, which were not officially in the system. I just added the rubrics into canvas, but it seems that if I want them to be linked, I have to manually open the rubric in speedgrader and re-grade every assignment for every student. And moving forward, I'd have to grade everything twice. Am I understanding correctly?

I have tampermonkey installed so if anyone knows of a script that would do this for me, I'd be very grateful!

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I would use the rubric to score the assignment if you want them to be the same. There's a checkbox you can hit that takes the rubric score for the assignment score.


That said, from my perspective, the LMG gives students holistic feedback on their performance on a criteria, which may or may not be the same as an assignment score. For example, to help students on the feedback, I gave completion credit (free points) for the assignment score. Then I would leave detailed rubric feedback on learning objectives that populate the LMG. Whenever I did conferences or asked students to check their progress, we looked at the LMG progress, not assignment scores. Our discussions focused on the material, not on gathering points.