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If a course started a month ago and I have already missed deadlines, could I still receive credit for it?

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Hello  @karensevilla  Welcometo the global Community of Canvas users. You have posted this question in a place where users from across the world meet and discuss Canvas. It's a great place full of fantastic people and resources and if you are interested I would recommend our Getting Started page.

However, because of this, you are unlikely to find someone who is familiar with the specifics of classes and policies at your institution. I could not tell from your profile information what institution that is, but I would recommend you start there for an immediate answer to your question, and return here when and if you would like help with Canvas.

Because there is not a single right or wrong answer, I converted this post to a discussion. It's great having you with us and please let us know if there's anything else we can do.

Thanks! This is all very, very new to me so I'm not sure where to go and who to ask. I appreciate your comment. I guess I used the wrong word when I said credit. I just noticed a course I would like to enroll in but I'm not sure if by enrolling a month late I would still receive a certificate of completion. Does that make sense? Sorry, I don't know quite how to word it but I will definitely be starting with the Getting Started page you mentioned. Thank you!

Is it possible your question is about a course in the Canvas Network‌ as opposed to a course at your school? If it's a course/class at the school, you'll definitely want to talk to them. If it was a different type of class, just let us know.

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Yes, it's a course in the Canvas Network Smiley Happy

Ahh, OK. I am going to share this question to that area where it may get more attention from people involved with those courses. Can you provide any more information like the course you were interested in?