OJRHS: Getting Future Ready with Canvas

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Future Ready is a term that is being applied across the board in today’s educational universe and our high school is doing its part on several fronts. One of those pieces starts with our brand new LMS (Learning Management System), which is really a fancy way of saying virtual classroom space. Canvas LMS is vastly becoming a one stop shop for our students and staff since its inception this past fall. Classes, clubs, sports, and even administration are able to create shared spaces for collaboration. The benefits of having an LMS are enormous. It allows for consistency, collaboration and connectedness beyond the walls or time limits of the school day. Our teachers have loved the ease of use and the variety of tools such as Speedgrader for quick and easy feedback for their students. The process of effectively using all of Canvas’ tools can be as overwhelming as the menu at the Cheesecake Factory, so it has required time, patience and support as we all begin to dive into the possibilities. Our students love its sleek design and easy to use Calendar feature. The online submission area allows for them to not worry about finding a printer as well as getting immediate confirmation that the assignment was received. Students can also view their feedback and have an opportunity to have an open dialogue with their instructor about their work through the online comment section. And soon, parents will love the ability to shadow their students as observers, which will allow them to see the course work, calendar and submission status of assignments. There are even apps available for all stakeholders (Students, Teachers and Parents). The Parent access app will not be available until next year, however, we are currently piloting it with a small focus group to help us prepare for next year’s roll out. Canvas is truly a system that can really help augment, but never replace the important work and learning that happens every day inside their classrooms. Canvas is the #1 LMS used by K-12 institutions as well as universities. As a community we all are tasked with preparing today’s youth for a future that is ever evolving and now we at the high school have the tools to properly equip each of our students for success today and greatness tomorrow.