Opening up a module with prerequisites set for a new student

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I have a new student who moved in from another school district.  I am wanting to let her start with Module 3 in my class since she has had some of the previous material in the other two modules before.  How can I let her start in this module when prerequisites have been set that say she needs to complete Module 1 and 2 before Module 3 will be opened up?  Thanks for your help.

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Mrs. Embry, I did a little testing on this and from what I've been able to tell the it depends on the type of content that's required in your Modules. If the only requirements are graded assignments (quizzes, discussions, or assignments) than you'd just need to do go to your Gradebook and excuse the required assignments in Module 1 & Module 2 - How do I excuse an assignment for a student in the Gradebook? - for that student. If some of your requirements are to view things or to go through all content in order, then you'd need to excuse the assignments and then tell the student that they would need to click through everything to get access to Module 3.

Hope this helps!

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