PDF Annotations on Chromebooks

Community Champion

I'm wondering if anyone in this Community might have discovered a clever way to allow students to write on PDFs on a Chromebook. We have been looking at Kami but I wanted to make sure there wasn't another option out there that I'm missing.

For example: the teacher uploads a PDF of practice math problems into a Canvas assignment. The student opens the PDF and is able to write on it to show their work. The student then saves and submits the PDF back to the teacher with the work. 

There is a great feature idea (I don't know how it doesn't have a million votes) to add this ability native to Canvas: https://community.canvaslms.com/ideas/9217-student-pdf-annotations-on-web-browser-version  Students have the ability to do this on iOS and Android, so it would be really awesome if they were able to do it within the web browser in Windows, MacOS, or ChromeOS.

We've been looking into the new Lenovo 300e Chromebook that allows you to write on the screen with an everyday pencil. I feel like that could really help the teacher and student transition to a paperless classroom. 

We could have the students and teachers use the OneNote Class Notebook integration as well to show work but I'd rather keep things as native to Canvas as possible.