Parent Observers: Limit Access?

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Hello All,

First, thank you to  @KristinL  for her post Clarity for Canvas Observers. It was a big help.


We are rolling out Canvas over the course of next year (in NZ – we are in our final term before the Summer Break). One thing that we really like about Canvas is the parent observer role. Yet, one thing we really dislike about Canvas is the parent observer role.


This role meets the needs of our Junior School, but as our students move up to Middle and Senior School we want to limit the access parents have to the actual course material in Canvas. We’d still like them to see marks/grades and the calendar and/or syllabus for upcoming homework and events, but not the other parts of the course.


From reading the Clarity for Canvas Observers and the Canvas Observer Guide - Table of Contents and having a play – we’ve found this is not possible. It’s basically they have the same view level as the student (or more given observers can see beyond the prereq requirements in a module). So, my questions are – is this correct? Has anyone found a way around this other than not using the role? Any thoughts or suggestions?

I’ve done a quick look to see if having more control over the parent observer role has been made a feature request – but couldn’t find one. If you know there is one – please let me know.


Thanks everyone!