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Has anyone been able to integrate Pearson Realize (K-12 curriculum) with Canvas?  I know that the MyLab part of Pearson do, but we just adopted the K-12 piece and would love for it to merge into Canvas.

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At this point it looks like this integration is more of a common cartridge export and less of an LTI. A common cartridge export will allow you to take content from one system and move it into another so you don't have to recreate it. This is done via a file export and import process.

An LTI can bring in content and pass information between tools securely, like (user identity, assignment dates, scores, etc.). Realize may support some level of LTI but it's not clear from any of their documentation and this appears to be in beta with a limited and select number of districts.

For now, the best thing to do would be to contact your representatives at Pearson and see if you can get in on the trial.  If you are one of the first to get this going, please give us an update here on how it works. :smileygrin:

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