Pro tips from the K12 Canvas elders?

Community Contributor

Hey everyone,

We are new to Canvas and are currently in our pilot phase.   We have roughly 340 active students in Canvas currently and 7 active teachers.    Next year we are going 1:1 iPad in our Junior High, and the following year we are going 1:1 Macbook in the high school.   Starting next year we are purchasing Canvas 6-12.   Just wanted to reach out and ask the people who have been using Canvas for a while for a few pointers --

  • Any tips for maximizing adoption of Canvas in the classroom?
  • Are you gently nudging people in the direction of Canvas, if so, how?
  • What type of PD classes do you offer in Canvas? 
  • How do you prepare for end of year?  As in do you offer PD to show the teachers how to roll over their assignments and data, or just send guides?