Reading logs, discussions and K-2 classes

Community Contributor

Today I worked with some teachers of K-2 students.  They did not want students to have to log on individually and they have about 1:5 ratio so the workload in logon/off management would be quite high and a barrier to using Canvas.  I suggested keeping reading logs using discussions.   We set up a group set where each student was the only member of their group.  Then set up a discussion and made it a group discussion on this set.   The teacher could then access a space for each student , record the student reading and make notes relevant to the reading assessment.  All as discussion posts.  The students don't need to log in individually but the teacher can keep a record of each students progress over time.   This changed the mind of several Early Childhood teacher who had come to the PL with the idea that canvas had nothing to offer them.   There is a solution for every (most) purpose teachers have.