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Resources from Instructure’s Instructional Design Team

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Resources from Instructure’s Instructional Design Team

There are so many resources out there for Canvas best practices and it can be so overwhelming to sift through it all! We thought we would simplify your search by organizing our top tips, blog posts, and resources to best support your needs! Explore the resources below directly from our Instructure Instructional Design experts! Use these tips to develop your course design, implement accessibility standards, make your course more engaging, and so much more! 


What’s New!


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Get to Know the Design Team

We have an incredible Instructional Design team here at Instructure. Follow our team for updates on what's happening in our world:



Still want to learn more? Check out our Instructional Design blog and follow to get notifications about new blog posts!


Final Thoughts

We hope you find this post helpful in helping you navigate the waters of Canvas. Feel free to comment, give Kudos, share, or follow our content to engage with us personally. We’d love to hear from you!

Our Instructional Design team offers templates, consultation, badging services, course evaluations, workshops, and more. If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact your CSM or @deonne_johnson, Manager, Learning Services, via
New Member

Thank you for these great resources! I am the distrrict admin for our Canvas instance. I have built templates, but want to create more for teachers to make adoption easier and help create equitable learning for all students. What are other key content pieces I should be thinking about creating? What have other districts done at a district level?


@RaeFearing Thank you for your thoughts and feedback! I’m so glad you love these resources! I think digging into the above resources and the links within those resources will be a really great start.

We’d love to hear from other Canvas admins. How are admins and teachers using templates? What’s working well? Any suggestions for improvements?

We’ve recently done another overhaul to our Ready-Made Template Suite to improve accessibility. We also offer custom templates. If you’d like 1:1 coaching to help support you in optimizing your creation of templates, I’d suggest purchasing some hourly consultation with a member of our amazing Instructional Design team.

New Member

When will the icon maker go live?


Hi @AbigailPagryzin ! The icon maker is live and just needs to be enabled at the account level. 

Community Member

Thanks for the great tips and freebies!  

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