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Hello my amazing K-12 and beyond peeps! Are any of you, your districts, etc using Canvas to share Social and Emotional Learning courses? I am looking to partner with the counselors and this is an area of interest for them! Additionally, I am curious if anyone uses small reflection modules for students who receive In-School Suspension, alternative schooling for behavior, etc. If you are doing anything along these lines I would LOVE to hear from you! 

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Not quite the same, but we did use this for our Wellness classes for a couple of years, in which all our counselors taught.  And they found that students were more likely to be honest and open in their journal writing in Canvas then on paper journals because they knew it was truly a safe space between student and teacher and couldn't be misplaced and picked up by other students, shared with parents, etc.  The trust and student/teacher bonds really strengthened.

It also helps those students who are uncomfortable speaking out loud to have a voice and participate. Personally, I am an introvert and don't particularly think out loud in group settings very well, often overwhelmed and trying to process what I'm hearing and organizing my thoughts, afraid of saying the wrong thing.  Yet when I'm online, I love to jump into conversations and projects and offer input.

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