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Our 6-12 school is going to be starting with Canvas this August.  One thing we haven't figured out yet is how to best integrate Canvas with our SIS - Senior Systems.  Specifically, we are concerned with figuring out how to get teachers grading in Canvas and have those grades transferred to Senior Systems for report card and transcript purposes.

We have a custom - generated report card from Senior Systems that incorporates attendance into the report card that we don't want ti give up.

Do any other schools that use Canvas handle grades differently? 

Are any other schools importing grades into Senior Systems?  If so, how?

Are there any other schools that are still looking for a solution / improvements to their system?

We've been offered some (expensive) solutions from Canvas to this problem, and it seems very difficult to resolve Canvas grade exports with Senior's grade import functionality.

Any input at all would be appreciated - what are we missing?

Jason Marshall

Database Coordinator

Trinity Preparatory School

Winter Park, Florida

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Hi Jason,

Our web developer at our district made a staff portal page for teachers to submit their grades to or SIS (Aeries by Eagle Software). This page gives the users a visual confirmation of what the grades are in Canvas and in SIS, a way to change them and a button to submit or update. This takes advantage of the Canvas API and some SQL scripting to our SIS. If you'd like to take a look at our instructions for teachers and some screen shots see: Marking Period Grades Procedure (Teachers) - Google Slides

If you can not use the Canvas API then you could pull the grades out of the grades report CSV you can generate as an admin but talk to your Customer Success Manager and request that they add the report that gives you the current letter grade as the final grade counts all blank scores in the gradebook as zeros.

Let me know if I can be of more help.

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