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Students taking quizzes for other students?

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I was talking to a colleague of mine and he brought up an interesting question/issue.  He was talking to another dad whose daughter, currently in middle school, was taking tests for other students and getting paid for it.

Now that is the extent of my knowledge of what is going on.  I don't know what platform the middle school is using and I don't know how this student is accomplishing this.  I am hoping more details will be forth coming.

This started an interesting conversation.  Can someone do this through Canvas?  Usernames and passwords can be easily shared by students.  I suppose if the quiz was taken outside of the classroom that it would be possible.  I know that there can be preventative measures taken to limit attempts on quizzes but Canvas doesn't know that the person entering credentials is that person.

If a middle school student is already doing this, again I don't know what platform, do we think this has been attempted by a student using Canvas in high school? in college?


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Hi hottingert,

Well if the quiz is open and the students are allowed to take the test from outside the school then I can totally see them doing this at any level but I believe it's the same as if students were given a written quiz to take home. 

I do know that most of our teachers use the filtering options for quizzes so that it included the following:

  • Access Code
  • IP Addresses
  • Available From
  • Due (time)
  • Issued by period (secondary)

Students need to meet the specific criteria set in order to access the quiz.

So if a teacher want's the students to take a quiz at home and want's to minimize cheating they can also set the quiz to be taken from 6:00pm to 7:00pm on a given date and give it a time limit of 1 hour that way all students will need to be logged in at a specific time to take the quiz and will have limited time to take it and teacher sets up the criteria.

Hope these suggestions help.

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