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The Rewards of Risk

Community Champion
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We are just over 2 weeks into the full launch of Canvas at our school. We spent a considerable time planning for the implementation (over a year!). Wherever possible we tried to listen to the needs of each department and incorporate them in our planning. A key feature was to allow a choice of starting date: September 2016, November 2016 or now.

Too my initial surprise, quite a few departments chose to run from September. Whilst a number of different reasons were given, one common to all was a willingness to accept that student and teacher would be part of the same journey and both would learn from the success and mistakes of each other.

The Economics department led by Rachel Kay was one of the early adopters. This week they asked for feedback on the Year 13 (A Level) students' experiences with Canvas. The responses received were hugely enthusiastic and I have shared some of them below:






As the person who has led the implementation of the new learning platform, it is a strong endorsement that we made the right choice in Canvas.

For the teachers concerned, it has shown the benefits of taking risks with their practice. It has also fully justified the considerable amount of hard work and effort to plan and deliver a blended teaching and learning environment.

I hope Rachel is really proud of her achievements. I am, Tim is and so, most importantly, are the students.