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Those Little Buttons, Though!

I wanted to get the real student experience and decided to take the 100 multiple choice Civics Test our Wisconsin students are required to pass before graduating.

Those little buttons, though! They are just so small. You have to be quite precise in clicking the little circle. Has anyone else thought that same thing? Would be nice for students to be able to click anywhere to make their selection?

Like this:276224_pastedImage_1.png

Versus this, where you literally have to put your cursor exactly in that little, tiny circle.


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Community Team

Hi  @rislis 

You raise a good point, especially if students are taking the quiz on a mobile device. I wonder if you could submit this as a Feature Idea in Canvas Studio‌. If you have any questions about How to create a new feature idea, please let me know. I'd be happy to collaborate.

I shared this inquiry as a discussion in the general Find Answers‌ space in the Community in hopes that your thoughts receive more comments.

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Community Coach

Hi  @rislis ...

Those are commonly referred to as "radio buttons" on the web.  You have an interesting idea...and one that might warrant submitting a new Feature Idea (How do I create a new feature idea?).  However, Instructure is currently building a brand new quizzing interface (more info at Quizzes.Next User Group).  I just tested this, and although the new quizzing interface doesn't look exactly like what you proposed above, I was able to click on the white areas directly to the right of each choice (which I've highlighted in yellow), and the radio button selected appropriately.  I can even click directly on the colors, and the radio button updates to reflect what I wanted to select.  So, this might work for your needs when the new quizzing engine is released to everyone (?).


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The only thing with full width buttons or click anywhere near the answer type things... when people scroll they can accidentally touch somewhere on the page and change their answers without realizing it because the action is taken as  both a "tap/click and a scroll".

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It would be interesting to see if Apple pen or any stylus pen could be used to check the radio buttons in Quizzes.

 @jrboek ‌, I can't speak for Android devices, but the Apple Pencil does work for iPads (where the pencil was designed to work) both in the browser and in the Canvas App to move around Canvas (tap buttons) and take quizzes.