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Community Advocate

Using Infographics to Spice up Your Canvas Pages

I'm a teacher in the time of COVID teaching mostly virtual students and using Canvas LMS all-day-long. In an effort to keep my students (and me) more engaged, I set out to make my Pages in Canvas more visually appealing. Enter the Infographic.

I use an online graphic design app called Canva to make my infographics. Accounts are free and, if you use your school email, you can get a free Edu account, which unlicks a lot of premium features. I'm not very artistic at all, but Canva (not to be confused with Canvas) make designing infographics easy and, dare I say it, even fun.

When you're done, just download the infographic and then upload it to your Canvas Page as an image. Here are some examples I've made recently:

Engineer's Notebook.pngA Brief History of Robotics.png

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Community Advocate
Community Advocate

@LarryBrumback. Nicely done on your infographics. I love @canva. It makes even those most novice designs look brilliant. The ease and ability to create something that is engaging and interactive is amazing. I really like your Engineer's Notebook Assignment info. Nice.

I hope you don't mind but I wanted to share those that I created using @canva. i work primarily with adults building capacity to leverage Canvas for student learning.

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Thanks for the kind words and yours look great.