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What should be the Topic/Format for our K-12 User Group Meeting at InstructureCon 2017?

I haven't received much feedback regarding what you as group members would like the discussion topic or format to be.  So, I would be greatly interested in seeing your feedback here, as to what you would like to discuss/share.

I have had a suggestion of having it being a "custom code sharing event".

Another suggested a sharing of "Best Practices for Virtual Schools/Credit Recovery".

Another who suggested discussing "how do others utilize Canvas in non-traditional ways, like with administration, clubs, sports, parent groups; or with lunch ladies, secretaries, and bus drivers?"

What do you think?

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Community Coach
Community Coach

This would have been neat to organize with a poll! I vote #3! Creative use of Canvas is something that would be interesting to learn more about, especially when collaborating with other K12 users. There are many possibilities within that conversation, and I'd be excited to bring ideas back to my institution.

For those of us who are unable to attend InstructureCon, will there be a way for us to participate virtually?