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Windows 10 Migration

Hey guys!

My district is phasing in Windows 10 and I was curious if any of you have gone through a similar transition during the year and if it has caused any issues for Canvas Users? I would like to know what to expect. Thanks! 

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @crystal_trotter ...

I have a Windows 10 laptop at home, and I use the latest version of the Chrome browser.  No issues.  Continue to use Chrome or Firefox instead of IE or Edge (comes with Windows 10), and I would think you'd be fine.

Community Champion

We're going through the migration now as well. The only issue we came across was the new version of Chrome that we had in our image was blocking Flash content by default so some teachers were having issues using the Media Recording features that still use Flash. We added [*.]instructure to our Flash allow list in our Chrome group policies. That seemed to take care of the issue.