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Workflows for Course Creation

What work flows does your district have for course creation in the following scenarios: 

  • teacher wants to create their own little course not connected to a SIS created course shell.
    • How does the teacher get that course shell?
    • Does the district create it?
    • Does the teacher have access to creating any course shell they want? 
    • Do you have a favorite tutorial video for course shell creation
  •  teacher wants to use the Commons to get content
    • how does the teacher get the shell needed to import the content if they simply want to view content
    • do you have a favorite tutorial video for this process
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We allow our teachers to create their own shell courses and as many as they want. We also encourage them to import from commons into a shell.

Here are the two tutorials we have in doing both things. 

Canvas Make a New Course - YouTube 

Importing Content from Commons.webm - Google Drive 


Great input!! Thank you!!

Follow ups: Do you also use a SIS import for course shells from the SIS? Or are all courses created by teachers? 

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We import the SIS courses at the start of every school year from the global level. 

These courses have the students already populated. The other shell courses are created by teachers for a number of reasons: clubs, extra activities such as IB EE advising, commons imports, etc. 

Hope this helps!

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Hi Diane,

HCPSS does not permit teachers to create course shells.  If they want a class that is not connected to the SIS, then we have a course request form that they fill out.  The items on the request form include:

  • Do you want a blank shell, or add a template (we have several to choose from depending on the type of course) 
  • The title of your course
  • Program / Content area
  • When needed
  • Teacher name, email
  • Course requester if different from the teacher
  • Request type
  • New course, or new shell, but copy an existing course
  • Purpose of the course

We then evaluate all of this and create the course for the teachers.  Requests are not too frequent since most are run through the SIS, so this is not an onerous task.

If a teacher wanted to use content from Commons, they would go through the same process and do the commons download themselves. 


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