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ePortfolios - examples

My team and I have just started exploring ePortfolios for our high school students. My team is "against" Canvas ePortfolios because they are not very pretty. Does anyone have solid examples of why the ePortfolios are better in Canvas?   Also, I would love to show my team some visually stunning Canvas portfolios if anyone has a few examples. Thanks!

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We are investigating portfolios now. We have used Canvas portfolios up until now. We don't find them "pretty" either. We also don't find them easy-to-use. Plus, we want to have the ability to create templates of various kinds of portfolios that students might use.

All that said, I still find Canvas portfolios as compelling as any other LTI tool. The integration of data is the key feature. Students don't have to go far to include their work. In addition, after students use the tool, Canvas isn't so hard. Training seems to be a key factor here. Lastly, let me say that FREE speaks volumes. 🙂

As far as creating templates, we have not gotten serious about how we might create them. I'm thinking we could create a "dummy" student and a course that would solve the problem of templates and training in one step. The student and the course and the portfolios would be public for all to easily find.

Lastly, most portfolio tools lure the institution with the portfolio and hook the institution with assessment and accreditation reports. First, we have not explored the tools that Canvas offers. Second, if we need to enhance those tools, then I think a reporting tool, like Tableau, is our answer. 

I'm looking for ideas about portfolios in Canvas. I would love to hear from you about this.