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"I" questions

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I was working with a teacher recently in a 7-10 school. He said he had changed the way he wrote in Canvas for the students and he felt this had had a big impact on the way the students interacted with the content.  He had framed the content around "I" questions.

  • What am I leaning?
  • What am I doing?
  • How will I show my understanding?
  • What will I do next?
  • What can I link my learning to?
  • What do I need to know?

I think this way of presenting content to students has the potential to increase engagement through enabling them to understand what they are meant to be doing on a particular page (Learning intentions)  and letting them know what is needed for success. 

I have put together a unit of work and I found writing the content in "I" statements changed the focus of my writing from a general whole class style to a much more personal style - where I was using the voice of the individual student.  It made me think much more about what I was writing! 

"What am I doing?

I am watching this video and I am writing 5 main points about biodiversity"

instead of

Students will watch this video

Students will write 5 main points and answer the questions here

(This is what I see teachers new to Canvas writing)

What do others think about this approach?  Is it a good idea?  Will students be more engaged? Does it talk down to students?  


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A really interesting piece here  @isobel_williams  . Whilst I have not seen examples of teachers writing in the 3rd person on Canvas - only when setting cover work when they are absent, nor have I seen examples written in 1st person. 

I get exactly what you are saying about changing the focus. Whilst at first glance it seems a little unusual (mainly if you have not done this before) it seems well worth a go if it makes you think more about what you are writing and students to feel more engaged with the content.

For my own part, I write mostly in 2nd person with lots of use of "you".

I am going to give this a go for my next topic in Science (Space) with a Year 9 group and see if they notice...

Community Coach
Community Coach

I love this provocation  @isobel_williams . 

It was always a challenge for me to stick to WALTs (We Are Learning To...) for learning intentions, and couldn't help myself but make them 'I am learning to...' Just not such a cool acronym. 

So nice to know I'm not alone!