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Canvas Data Hygiene

Hi all,

We currently upload our data to Canvas from Senior Systems. However, since it's a one - way flow, that leaves us with a lot of vestigial data in Canvas (users / enrollments, etc.) that we don't really need and is cluttering up the system, but we really don't want to lose permanently. My current process is just to create a provisioning enrollment report, and remove enrollments that aren't currently in our upload file. That removes enrollments that might linger, but that leaves 1.) users and 2.) enrollments in courses that don't have SIS ID's (extracurriculars created and owned by faculty).

Has anyone done a Delete Users process or any other method to keep their Canvas instance hygienic? Are there any policies for keeping / hiding old courses as well? It's a lesser problem, but is slowly growing out of control.


Jason Marshall

#sis‌, #sis integrations‌, #sis enroll‌, #sis administration‌, #bulk change course sis id that already exists in canvas‌, #sis data

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