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Any independent schools using Canvas 4th-8th?

Any independent schools using Canvas in late elementary or middle school?

We are an independent school in the Seattle area transitioning to Canvas for the 2020 academic year for grades 4-8. We are looking for schools with overlap by type, geography, or grade-level.


Santosh Zachariah

The Evergreen School, Shoreline, WA.

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Hi  @szachariah ‌ We are an 11-18 (yrs) British International school in the Netherlands using Canvas.  Perhaps some opportunities for our staff to share ideas?


Hi Gideon, good to hear from you. How long have you been using Canvas? Did

you migrate from another LMS system?

We begin our migration from Blackbaud in a few weeks. Our students will log

in for the first time in Aug 2020.

On Thu, Nov 28, 2019 at 8:44 AM Gideon Williams <>

Canvas for 3 years. Edmodo before that. We are 1-1 Surface Pro devices so big uptake of OneNote (Classroom Notebook) too as students have stylus which allows them to write on screen.

We have Office 365 integration which allows links to OneDrive so trying to encourage our staff to make use of this feature. Also pushing Quizzes for retrieval/spaced practice and integration of Web2 tools like H5P to develop engagement with platform and Canvas pages.

We've been 1:1 in grades 4th-8th for over 10 years. OneNote has not caught

on, partly because we dropped styluses about 5 years ago (couldn't justify

the extra cost of the screen).

We were using Moodle until about 6 years ago. Then moved to Whipple Hill

(acquired by Blackbaud). We were never happy with that. Hoping Canvas will

be a big leap forward.

We have both Office 365 and Google. We use Google almost exclusively.

I'll check out H5P. Thanks!

On Sun, Dec 1, 2019 at 2:22 AM <